Saturday, April 25, 2009

Analogue Shelve

Let's not let the analogue spirit die.

Bringing the Lomography spirit of 'Dont Think, Just Shoot', we'll try to bring you the Granddaddy of cameras including those new toy cameras from Holga, Diana, Superheadz n the likes.

1. NEW!! Holga 120 TLR Camera : RM290

The all new Holga 120 Twin Lens Reflex Camera
View finder similar to that of a Blackbird, Fly camera.
Still have the versatility of Holga 120 where it can be fitted with
a 35mm adapter as well as fisheye lens.
Also produce same effect as the GCFN models.

2. NEW!! Holga 135bc (Colour) : RM250

The famous holga black corner now available in assorted colours!
Its functions are still the same as the old black and white 135 bc

3. Holga k200n/fel (available in yellow,red,blue,and black) : RM290

Shoot normal pic or one with fisheye effect with the detachable fisheye lens.
Your creativity will go wild with the different possibilities of the built-in colorflash.

4. Fisheye 2 (Dark Knight) : RM295 ; (White Knight) : RM330

5. Blackbird,Fly TLR Camera : RM435

The all new TLR camera from superheadz
Shoots using a 35mm film
Endless possibilities - produce square, rectangular and also square with sprocket
More info at

6. Waterproof Camera, available in Orange, Red, Lime, Pink (and also Blue) : RM99